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Love Shack


A chance meeting between a young boy and Michael Collins in Macroom, a small town in County Cork, on the fateful day of his death on 22nd August 1922, affects the next three generations of the Reilly family.

Liam Reilly is an East End criminal, and alcoholic, and in 1999 he is forced to leave his home and family following a horrific episode caused by his drunkenness. He finds himself alone in Amsterdam, a city notorious for its extraordinary take on drugs and sex.

Can he finally beat his demons? Can he survive the next chapter of his pathetic life as he is immediately immersed in the seedy underworld that is the Red Light District?


“A great read that captures the very essence of this infamous part of Amsterdam”

“Sclater uncovers a world that few of us ever knew existed”

“Red light spells danger and in this book it does just that”

“Amsterdam als het wordt gezien vanaf de binnenkant”


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