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Graham Sclater

Graham studied at the Phoenix Arts Centre in Exeter, where he concentrated on creative writing for the screen and television. His key interests are teleplays and screenplays as well as developing and writing original drama series’ for television. Those recently completed include “The Other Side of the Tracks”,  “Streetlife” and an action/drama series “Pebble on the Beach” set on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

A number of actors, directors and producers have favourably reviewed his scripts, and several television and production companies have taken options on his work. 

Born in Exeter in 1947, he spent several years living and playing Hammond organ in groups in Germany and Scandinavia during the sixties. He returned to England in the early seventies where he worked as a session musician in London studios.

An accomplished songwriter and musician, Graham has been featured in arts and musical programmes and has performed and recorded with artists including Jimi Hendrix, Fats Domino, Ritchie Blackmore, James Taylor, Elton John and other name musicians. Some of his songs have won competitions in France, Spain, Gibraltar and Japan as well as being recorded by well-known artists.

Graham has produced records in varying styles as diverse as punk, folk, country, heavy rock and MOR in studios as far afield as Trinidad and Jamaica. Many of these productions were released on the Tabitha Record label in the Benelux and Spain, and major or independent labels around the World. Graham’s production credits have resulted in releases by various artists.

Active in developing several projects at any one time, Graham is a prolific writer who carefully researches his subject before reaching for the PC. Many of his projects involve music and his background enables him to combine an unusual mix of original music and script.

Graham enjoys working in many arenas, using first hand experience of as many subjects as possible, often spending time researching overseas.

He is at home writing and developing any concept. He has an understanding of budgeting, the logistics of production, location and direction.

His thriller "I Will Survive" ISBN 978-0-9954884-4-4-1 was published in October 2020. 

"WRITE ON!"  ISBN 978-0995488427a guide to creative writing was published in June 2019 following requests for people who have attended his talks on cruise ships, libraries and literary festivals 

Currently he is working on his eighth novel due for publication in the autumn 2020. 

Since 2015 Graham has been engaged to speak about creative writing on cruise ships and “Cowboys and Angels" ISBN 978-099548841 set in Cyprus and on Dartmoor, was published by Tabitha Books and launched across Europe, in Amsterdam, Hamburg and Copenhagen in early October, before its launch in the UK at St Thomas Library in Exeter on 20th October 2017.

Graham's novel “Love Shack”  based in the east end of London and the red light district of Amsterdam was published in October 2015. And in 2016 his sixth novel, a suspense thriller, "More Than A Woman".

"Ticket to Ride” ISBN 0-9545945-7-6, was published in 2006 by UK publisher Flame Books but was republished by Tabitha Books in June 2012.

"We're Gonna Be Famous" ISBN 978-0956397706, aimed at girls 9+, was published in April 2009 by Tabitha Books.

“Hatred Is The Key” ISBN 978-0956397713 was published in the USA in November 2009 and is available throughout the world from and in the UK from Tabitha Books.

"Too Big To Cry" ISBN 978-0956397751, the latest novel by Graham, was published by Tabitha in 2013.

"Love Shack" ISBN 978-0-9563977-9-9 set predominantly in Amsterdam was published by Tabitha Books in 2015.

"More Than A Woman"  ISBN978-0-9563977-6-8 set in the heady world of high-finance and sex was published on 28th July 2016. 

USA and UK versions now available of the reissued pop novel "Ticket to Ride."


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Love Shack – Liebesbaracke in Amsterdam

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Ex-Star Club Musiker Graham Sclater hat am 23 Oktober seinen fünften Roman veröffentlicht. Love Shack ist ein Roman um einen kriminellen Alkoholiker, der sein Glück im Rotlichtviertel von Amsterdam sucht.

Graham Sclater ist hierzulande eher bekannt als Keyboarder bei verschiedenen Bands, die in den sechziger Jahre in Deutschland unterwegs waren, insbesondere in Hamburg und im legendären Star Club. Er hat mit Größen der Musikbranche wie Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Fats Domino und James Taylor gespielt.


graham sclaterSeine Erfahrungen in Hamburg hat er in der grandiosen Novelle „Ticket To Ride“ eingearbeitet, die 2006 veröffentlicht wurde. Jetzt kommt mit Love Shack der nächste Roman aus einem sehr ähnlichen Milieu.

Das zufällige Zusammentreffen zwischen einem Jungen und Michael Collins am 22. August 1922, seinem Todestag, in Macroom, einer kleinen Stadt in County Cork, Irland, beeinflusst die nächsten drei Generationen der Reilly Familie.

Liam Reilly ist ein Kleinkrimineller und Alkoholiker im Londoner East End und nach einem furchtbaren Vorfall, der durch seiner Betrunkenheit verursacht wurde, muss er seine Heimat und seine Familie verlassen. Er findet sich in Amsterdam wieder, einer Stadt, die für Drogen und Sex berüchtigt ist.


Kann er endlich seine Dämonen besiegen? Kann er das nächste Kapitel seines armseligen Leben überleben, nachdem er sofort in die schäbige Unterwelt des Rotlichtviertels eintaucht?

Graham’s erstes Kinderbuch „We’re gonna be famous“ wurde 2009 veröffentlicht, in 2010 kann dann die historische Novelle „Hatred is the key“. Beide wurden von Tabitha Books veröffentlicht. Zurzeit arbeitet er an die nächsten Titel „More than a woman“ und „Street life“.

Die aktualisierte Version seines ersten Romans „Ticket to ride“ wurde 2012 neu aufgelegt und ist bei Amazon erhältlich. „Too big to cry“ folgte Anfang 2013.

Love Shack ist bei Amazon erhältlich und kann bei Amazon mit einem Click hierbestellt werden.